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It has been amusing to watch the office of the President and Georgetown University professors responding to the culture shock of multiband social media. It is is no surprise that the elites would like to poo-poo what amounts to a portable radio and video transmitting station for everyman. It is amusing to see them hypocritically deride the cell phone and pda as a distracting gadget. It is no surprise that they feel threatened by a technology which literally gets information directly into the hands of ordinary people wherever they are, unfiltered by media gatekeepers. We will see multiband social media and network technology give new meaning to the terms digital swarming, intelligent masses, and other democratizing phenomena as real people begin to document what is important to them, but not to the media, government, and corporate elites. It will be satisfying to see real people keeping watch over their own interests, instead of the herd mentality that comes directly from the man, and which serves only his interests. Hoorah for multibanding! If you would like to join our multibanding band, click the new banner, or click through to some nuts and bolts howto information. Multibanding HowTo

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It appears that GNU-Darwin is losing the xi.n   2012-06-08 11:16 on GNU-Darwin Distribution
It appears that the TLD grabbed xi.nu in order to charge a premium price. I recommend avoiding the .nu TLD at this time.

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GNU-Darwin site blackout to protest #SOPA    2012-01-11 14:23 on GNU-Darwin Distribution
GNU-Darwin site blackout to protest #SOPA and #PIPA? – #OpBlackout
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I have a report that US gov sites now blockin   2010-12-15 11:04 on GNU-Darwin Distribution
I have a report that US gov sites now blocking access to http://www.elpais.com. Did I wake up in an Orwell novel? #wikileaks #cablegate #leakspin
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GNU-Darwin recommends not to use PayPal until they restore W   2010-12-08 09:39 on GNU-Darwin Distribution
GNU-Darwin recommends not to use PayPal until they restore Wikileaks payments.
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Michael L. Love: X-ray lab home page   2010-11-23 09:06 on GNU-Darwin Distribution
http://biophysics.med.jhmi.edu/xtal/ on Thought that some of you might like a look at the home page of the
X-ray facility that I manage. I am in the midst of updating the
facility progress table. Hopefully we will have current data there
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My recommendation is to avoid the airport...   2010-11-11 15:51 on GNU-Darwin Distribution
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The 'Bill To Combat Online Infringement'    2010-09-21 13:49 on GNU-Darwin Distribution

Concern about the 'Bill To Combat Online Infringement' on #eff #fsf #dmca #music #downloads #technology
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Healthful benefits of grapefruit naringenin   2010-09-21 13:48 on GNU-Darwin Distribution
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A very interesting social bookmarking site!   2010-08-24 13:55 on GNU-Darwin Distribution
http://www.netscape.com/member/proclus/, http://www.propeller.com/member/proclus/.
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http://XI.NU http://wireless-x.com me@work   2010-08-05 17:33 on GNU-Darwin Distribution
http://XI.NU/ http://wireless-x.com/ on Me at work on Michael L. Love http://xi.nu/gd269
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Spill onto Washington DC: Oil out of the U.S.   2010-07-06 14:46 on GNU-Darwin Distribution
JOIN SPILL ON TO WASHINGTON DC http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=128192210550148 AND
The Million Gulfers March @ http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=139349099409447 IT TAKES A LOT OF SPOKES TO FORM A STRONG WHEEL THAT WILL TAKE US ALL THE WAY TO WASHINGTON DC UNIFIED. PASS THE WORD!
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Join the movement to Separate Oil and State! #BP Oil Spill    2010-06-25 09:37 on GNU-Darwin Distribution
http://proclus-gnu-darwin.posterous.com/join-the-movement-to-separate-oil-and-state No More Oily Congress! GNU-Darwin joins Oil Change International in the movement to Separate Oil and State. Write your Representatives to demand that they stop taking cash from and giving cash to the oil industry. Go to http://priceofoil.org/action and join us!
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GNU-Darwin Action: Blackout Friday   2010-05-26 09:25 on GNU-Darwin Distribution
BP Boycott: Wear black like the poor birds and fishes.
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# # GNU-Darwin Action: Boycott BP   2010-05-21 10:17 on GNU-Darwin Distribution
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mobile-x: GNU-Darwin   2010-05-21 09:56 on GNU-Darwin Distribution
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GNU-Darwin Action: multibanding   2010-05-09 10:28 on GNU-Darwin Distribution
Michael L. Love: ZooLoo Graffiti, a favorite social networking tool, multibanding on proclus on Greenpeace USA Blog: http://ping.fm/ziNq4 : There is definitely a deepening activist dimension in the latest wave of social media and networking. I am calling this multibanding, and it is an extremely powerful communication tool for broadcasting information. If you are not yet aware of these facts, you might want to read my latest article.
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Please help Dr. Love find ancient lore regarding, etc.   2010-05-08 08:44 on GNU-Darwin Distribution
Please help Dr. Love find ancient lore regarding parsley. http://xi.nu/gd206
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GNU-Darwin: user@xi.nu email address for you!   2010-04-28 09:14 on GNU-Darwin Distribution
Internet services now provides for email at our experimental short url, user@.... http://webmail.gnu-darwin.org/
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GNU-Darwin: Michael L. Love: addressing backlash pain   2010-04-08 11:43 on GNU-Darwin Distribution
http://blogs.vitacost.com/Blogs/proclus/Archive/2010/4/8/1384.aspx There is an interesting phenomenon where pain killers might not work well under conditions I call prostaglandin crash: prostaglandins are already too low for Cox inhibitors such as aspirin, ibuprofen to have any effect. This situation could relate to diabetic neuopathy and other types of neuropathy. It may also relate to the unusual aches...
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GNU-Darwin Action: parsley and autism, DRAFT,   2010-04-06 11:02 on GNU-Darwin Distribution
assistance requested. http://blogs.vitacost.com/Blogs/proclus/Archive/2010/4/4/1358.aspx
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